• How do I reserve the Sunny Cycle and where can I see the availability?
    Click on “pick a tour” on the top right hand side (if you’re using your phone it’ll be on the bottom of your screen) then read our description on available tours (individual seats/public tour or private tour) decide which one you’d like to do and click the big blue button of which tour you’d like, that’ll bring you to our calendar of available time slots – pick which date and time you’d like then fill in your information/card and you are all booked.

  • Who Drives?
    The Sunny Cycle Company provides a driver/safety supervisor who controls the braking, steering, and safety of all the riders.
  • What are the height, age and weight restrictions?
    A height of 4’9” is required to reach the peddles. If you have a passenger under the age of 21, then you must notify the Sunny Cycle in advance. All passengers under the age of 18 years old must have a liability waiver signed by a parent or guardian. Each cycle seat has a weight restriction 300 pounds. Kids are allowed on board accompanied by a parent and they have to sit on the bench seat.
  • What if the weather is bad on your scheduled time for the tour?
    The Sunny Cycle has the ability to operate under most weather conditions and will do so using reasonable judgment. If the weather is such that we do not think a tour is appropriate, we will work with you to reschedule or offer a future credit.
  • How fast does it go?
    Our average speed is approximately 5-8 mph on level payment.
  • Can I bring food and beverage on the Sunny Cycle?
    Water is encouraged to be brought with you. During the two-hour tour we will be stopping at bars/restaurants so there will be opportunities to get food/drinks but they are NOT allowed on the Sunny Cycle.
  • Do you have a Groupon code?
    Yes, however, ALL Groupon bookings have to be made online. Our Groupon codes are ONLY valid Monday – Thursday for individual seats/Public tour. We will NOT honor the price on Friday – Sunday OR for private tours.
  • When is the Sunny Cycle Available?
    We operate 7 days a week. Our usual tour times are from 10am to 8:30pm – we can start earlier upon request.
  • Is everyone required to peddle?
    No, 10 out of 15 passengers have the option to peddle. The peddling riders enjoy a light, fun and novel experience while helping propel the bike through downtown Palm Springs. The Sunny Cycle is equipped with an electric motor that assists with the pedal power to propel the bike.
  • What is your COVID-19 Policy?
    The Sunny Cycle is committed to complying with the guidelines set forth by the City of Palm Springs. Our staff will provide the necessary updated information to our customers.
  • What is the age limit?
    Kids under 18 years of age are allowed, however, a legal guardian must be present to sign the waiver of liability and must also be participating on the tour. Kids under 21 are not permitted to ride on the 6:30pm ride. Everyone under 18 years of age must wear a seat belt.
  • Can I bring my dog?
    Yes, we do welcome dogs on the Sunny Cycle. We do require that you notify us in advance and receive approval from our staff. The dog must be 25 pounds or less and be leashed at all times. We highly encourage you to bring a portable kennel for safety while we are moving. The dog can not be seated or held on a bicycle seat.
  • Can you rent the Sunny Cycle for special events?
    Yes you can! The Sunny Cycle has participated in many events, music videos, tv shows, modernism week tours, shuttle services, team building, tv commercials, etc. Contact us for more detailed!