About Us

Owners, Shannon Miller and Jen Banford absolutely love the city of Palm Springs and wanted to start a fun, unique and very social business in this vibrant city. It was very important to both Shannon and Jen that they become integrated into the existing strength of the community and get deeply involved in being committed community members. Both owners experienced a super fun, eco–friendly entertainment ride in Minneapolis, MN and decided that this business and the awesome city of Palm Springs would be a great marriage.

Our Bike

The Sunny Cycle is a safe entertainment and tour service that partners with local businesses to make the Palm Springs experience a memorable one. Sunny Cycle is engineered on a technology platform that is considered ‘best in class, with a surround stereo sound system, USB port phone chargers, under-carriage lighting, under-canopy lighting, and an electric motor assist function. The electric motor assist relieves the riders of the burden of pedaling on uphill grades, assists coming off of red lights, and otherwise accommodates all rider capabilities. Passengers pedal for a while, then stop for a refreshment and/or appetizer, then mount the bike again and pedal on! We are focused on providing our customers with a whole new way to experience the great downtown of Palm Springs!

  • Outdoor Electric Entertainment Experience
  • Hosted by a Driver/Safety Supervisor
  • Pedal assist makes it easy to get around town
  • 2 Hours
  • Bluetooth Stereo for your edited playlist
  • LED lighting system to light up the night and be seen safely (and stylishly)
  • Seatbelts for all passengers
  • Adjustable seats and seat backs for riders of all sizes.
  • 2 Non-pedal seats and a bench
  • Engineered with a full suspension ensuring a smooth ride and a commitment to both passenger safety and comfort
  • Made in the USA



booking options

3 Ways to Book Your Cruise!

Individual Seats

A shared experience with other people. Subject to cancellation or rescheduling if a group of a greater number is booked.
Minimum of 6 people

Private Party

A private experience.
Your group has the whole cycle. 
Maximum of 14

Corporate Groups

3-hour experience.
More than 15 passengers
Call to book

the sunny cycle experience

Choose a Cruise!

All Cruises take 2 hours to complete with an additional hour add on option for private parties.

Bar Cruise
(Individual Seats)

Our original Bar-hopping experience through Sunny Downtown Palm Springs. We will visit at least 2 local establishments where you will have the option to purchase a refreshing beverage. Bring your music playlist (edited) and enjoy the sights and sounds of Palm Springs.


A shared experience with other people. Subject to cancellation or rescheduling if a group of a greater number is booked. Minimum of 6 people

Bar Cruise
(Private Party)

All of the features of our Bar cruise but your group will have exclusive use of the whole
cycle. A private experience. No Minimum with up to 14 guests Maximum.


This is NOT a guided tour. For a guided tour, upgrade to our specialty cruises below.

Upgrade Your Experience!

Try our specialty cruises for a more interactive way to experience Palm Springs with your private group of friends. 

Instagram Worthy Cruise
(Private Party)

All of the features of our Bar Cruise, plus we make stops to take pictures at various Palm Springs Landmarks and Backdrops worthy of sharing throughout Cyberspace. Your group will be the star of the show.


Maximum of 14 people.

Scavanger Hunt Cruise
(Private Party)

All of the features of our Bar cruise plus 3 custom options. Split up teams and compete against friends. The team that finishes with the highest score wins. Bar-Hop challenge – Compete against your friends to complete all of the tasks and emerge victorious.


Maximum of 14 people.

Modernism Tour
(Private Party)

Discover some of Palm Springs’ hidden gems and hear about its attraction to celebrities past and present. 

Guided Tour
90 minutes long
Refreshing beverage stop
Modern museum stop

Coming Soon...

Corporate Groups

Experience the ultimate Team Building experience! Our corporate group cruises are a unique way to bring teammates together and experience Palm Springs with an extended 3-hour cruise.

Call us today to customize your cruise for your company and team’s next outing.

Maximum of 14 people.

Cancelation Policy

We want you to experience the Sunny Cycle in Palm Springs! The responsibility of rescheduling the ride rests with the individual booking the ride.

Full refunds (except for credit card and booking fees) will be issued for cancellations made at least 31 days or more.

For cancellations made 30 days or less, we will give you a rain check and work with you to reschedule to a later date/time. The rain check does not expire, however, we only permit one rescheduled date on an original booking. There will be no refunds if you can’t reschedule.

No refunds or rain checks of any kind will be given for cancellations within 7 days of a scheduled tour.

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