Who We Are

Owners, look what i found Shannon Miller and where can i buy antabuse online Jen Banford absolutely love the city of Palm Springs and wanted to start a fun, unique and very social business in this vibrant city. It was very important to both Shannon and Jen that they become integrated into the existing strength of the community and get deeply involved in being committed community members. Both owners experienced a super fun, eco–friendly entertainment ride in Minneapolis, MN and decided that this business and the awesome city of Palm Springs would be a great marriage.

Miller is a former police officer, Olympic coach, 3 time World Champion and 5 time NCAA Champion. Miller and her teams have been to the White House 5 times to be honored by the President of the United States. Shannon has a Master’s degree in Education-Native American History and is currently studying the Spanish language.

Banford was a successful NCAA college softball coach for 12 years and has been part of the Softball Canada senior women’s coaching staff. Banford was also part of Miller’s staff that won the 2008 and 2010 NCAA DI National Championships and has mentored Olympic hockey players from around the world. Jen has a Master’s degree in Health, Nutrition and Exercise Science. Jen’s vision to bring Sunny Cycle to Palm Springs shines a light on her high energy, fun and social approach to life!

Jen and Shannon are committed to kindness, compassion, honesty and lending a helping hand.
Namaste 🙂