Safety The Sunny Cycle is fun, eco-friendly AND SAFE!

The Sunny Cycle is a 15 person, pedal powered entertainment vehicle that brings together all of the best fun-features with a host of industry leading safety features.

  1. our website The Sunny Cycle provides state of the art retractable seat belts for each peddler.
  2. In addition to the driver, Sunny Cycle provides a safety supervisor who is located throughout the stretch of the limousine cycle where the passengers are located.
  3. Pedal Deck and Grab Rail – A low step-up height to the deck combined with a convenient grab-rail makes entry and dismount an ergonomic and safe maneuver.
  4. Ergonomic Seating with Backs – The seats on the Sunny Cycle are adjustable in height, wide for stability and comfort and include a very robust seat “back” connected to the seat post for rider safety.
  5. Full Suspension – The Sunny Cycle has an automotive, 4-wheel suspension system. The suspension ensure that the ride over the road will be smooth and not jostle the riders. Bumpy roads can bounce riders out of their seats on non- suspension cycles.
  6. Materials & Center of Gravity – The efficient design and material choices keeps the center of gravity of a fully loaded cycle as low as practical. Combined with the suspension and wide track width, the Sunny Cycle has industry leading stability.
  7. Automotive Brakes – Automotive brakes ensure plenty of capacity for a fully loaded Sunny Cycle and provide excellent reliability
  8. Pedaling Assist Electric Motor – The pedal assist motor ensures that the Sunny Cycle will always keep moving on city streets, even up the occasional hill. The system includes a manual override option, enabling the driver to move the cycle safely out of the way of emergency vehicles as necessary, regardless of rider ability or presence.
  9. Forward Seated Driver – The unique design of the Sunny Cycle places the driver in the very front of the vehicle for maximum visibility. This ensures an un-obstructed and un-distracted position for safe vehicle maneuvering.
  10. Designed and Engineering by a Professional Engineering Firm – The Sunny Cycle is the only vehicle in the world that has be designed and engineered by professional engineers with safety and reliability written into the design specification. Engineering analysis and experienced designer expertise is instrumental in the design of a vehicle in which public safety is on the line.