Our Bike

The Sunny Cycle is a safe and entertaining service while partnering with local businesses to make the Palm Springs experience a memorable one. Sunny Cycle is engineered on a technology platform that is considered ‘best in class’, with the cycle boasting a flat screen TV, stereo sound system, USB port phone chargers, misters, under-carriage lighting, under-canopy lighting, and an electric motor assist function. The electric motor assist relieves the riders of the burden of pedaling on uphill grades, assists coming off of red lights, and otherwise accommodates all rider capabilities. Passengers pedal for a while, then stop for a refreshment and/or appetizer, then mount the bike again and pedal on! We are focused on providing our customers with a whole new way to experience the great downtown of Palm Springs!

  • Maximum of 15 passengers (group sales or by the seat sales)
  • Hosted by a Driver/Safety Supervisor.
  • Bookings are two-hour rides/tours
  • Bring your own playlist *
  • LED lighting system to light up the night and be seen safely (and stylishly).
  • Adjustable seats and seat backs for riders of all sizes.
  • Retractable seat belts (if you desire to wear one).
  • Electric Motor Assist to help you sail along.
  • Engineered with a full suspension ensuring a smooth ride and a commitment to both passenger safety and comfort.
  • Made in the USA

*Private tours only