We have different options for you:

PRIVATE TOURS: The Sunny Cycle can be rented by private parties on an hourly basis and requires a two-hour minimum. We prefer at least 8 passengers to pedal the bike, but each renter can bring up to 15 guests total per tour at no extra charge. A driver and a host are included. The staff will work with you to customize your route.

Book VIP Private Chartered Groups

INDIVIDUAL/SMALL GROUP TOURS: We prefer at least 8 passengers for a tour. The tour will routes will be throughout downtown Palm Springs, CA.

Book Individual / Small Group

Cancellation Policy:
We will work with you to reschedule another tour. We want you to experience this! The responsibility of rescheduling the ride rests with the individual booking the ride. Our cancellation policy will apply if the responsible party fails to reschedule.

If you cancel 21 days in advance: 50% refund or we work with you to reschedule.
If you cancel less than 21 days in advance: We will work with you to reschedule, there will be no refund.
If you cancel in 7 days or less: No refund or rain check

Inappropriate Behaviors
Unsafe or inappropriate behavior will result in early termination of your tour and result in a $200 penalty. Examples include, but are not limited to:
Extreme intoxication
Verbal or Physical Abuse
Public Urination
Excessive noise and inappropriate language

**Sunny Cycle is committed to being an upstanding member of the community of Palm Springs, CA and we want to be heralded as first class entertainment.

**Return transportation will be at the responsible party’s own expense. The city of Palm Springs offers free transportation on the Buzz and we will have this information on board to offer to customers.

Late Fees:
We reserve the right to charge your credit card following the tour if necessary. There will be no Damage/Late Fee charged if the Sunny Cycle returns on time and undamaged. If the Sunny Cycle returns late or is damaged due to passenger behavior, then appropriate charges will be applied.

$40 = more then 10 minutes late
$55 = more then 15 minutes late
$75 = more then 20 minutes late

Damage Fees:
Cost of Repair + a $200 penalty